Employee Spotlight: December 2019

Employee Spotlight: December 2019

Jacob Lingafelter

Welding & Repair Technician

Repairs & Maintenance Division

What are your favorite hobbies?

My favorite hobbies are hunting, fishing, and golf.

Where did you go to school or training?

I went to North Posey High School and Southern Indiana Career and Technical Center

Are you married?


Do you have any children?


What is your favorite thing about working at Nix?

I like the feel of working for a small company but getting jobs from major companies like Duke and Toyota.

What has been your favorite project you've designed or worked on so far at Nix?

I really liked welding on dump truck beds at Brandies.

Tell us a funny or embarrassing story while you were at work.

I accidentally had a pair of underwear in my work laundry and all the guys gave me heck about it!