Employee Spotlight: July 2017

Employee Spotlight: July 2017

Donald Yancey

Welding Repairs Specialist, Nix Equipment

Q: What is something your co-workers may not know about you?

A: I am not Bill Nix's son


Q: What are your favorite hobbies?

A: Fishing, video games, and camping


Q: Where did you go to school?

A: Southern Indiana Career and Tech Center


Q: Before working at Nix, what was the most unusual or interesting job you ever had?

A: I was a concrete mason at one time


Q: Are you married?

A: Most of the time.


Q: Do you have any children?

A: 2 dogs


Q: What is your favorite thing about working at Nix Companies?

A: The friendly atmosphere and everyone is very helpful

Q: Tell us a funny or embarrassing story while you were at work.

A: I ripped a newly installed garage door off with a fork truck