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You’ve landed on the NCI website. If you are looking for NIX, please visit

You’ve landed on the NCI website. If you are looking for NIX, please visit

Valor Holdings – Nix Companies Partnership

Valor – Nix Partnership

Strategic partnership formed to enhance military products portfolio 

Evansville, Indiana (October 1st, 2018) – Valor Holdings LLC, a leading provider of specialty vocational trucks and equipment to the United States Armed Forces, and Nix Companies Inc., a diversified metal solutions provider, have entered into a strategic partnership to enhance their portfolio of products for the United States Department of Defense, NATO Allies, and commercial clients. The structure of this agreement involves Nix Companies making a partial interest acquisition in Valor.

“A strategic partnership was formed with Nix Companies to help strengthen our offerings of quality fabricated metal products and industrial coatings demanded by our current military customers to help meet mission requirements,” stated Charlie Stockton, President of Valor Holdings. “This partnership leverages our ability to provide custom engineered equipment that meets the highest standards and is manufactured in Indiana by the finest Hoosier craftsmen in our industry”.


“We are honored to be involved with Mr. Stockton and his company along with the opportunity to play a part in our great Nation’s defense efforts. This partnership strengthens both groups, as it provides Nix Companies a strong channel to the government marketplace for our products and services. Additionally, it enhances the capabilities portfolio of Valor, as well as assisting them with corporate resources to fuel growth and long-term prosperity,” Matthew Nix, President of Nix Companies said.


It’s worth noting that the Evansville Tri-State area has a long, rich tradition of supporting the U.S. military. During World War II, private and public industry leaders formed a coalition to pursue defense contracts for Evansville based companies. The Tri-State was a key player in the manufacturing of naval vessels, fighter planes, ammunition, and other vital goods for allied troops and their commands. The Valor-Nix partnership hopes to expand on this rich history by helping aid in the effort of defending freedom in the 21st century war on terror. 


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