About Us

Who we are:

Nix Companies is a diversified metal solutions provider. Specializing in industrial product sales, job shop manufacturing, and maintenance contracting, we help keep America’s industries running safe & efficient.

As a fifth generation, family business, made up of multiple locations and operating divisions, we combine the benefits of working with a trusted and responsive smaller firm, while providing ‘big business’ capabilities. We believe our competitive advantage is the quality of our people as well as our philosophy of “Be Big, Act Small”.

What we do: 

We help keep America’s industries running safe & efficient.


Manufacturing Services

Maintenance & Field Services

Industries Served

Our businesses service a wide range of industries. Our four primary categories are:

Facilities & Capabilities

  • Our total combined facilities are over 100,000 sq. ft. under roof, sitting on 25 acres. Our shop crane capacity is 20 tons, with 30’ head room.
  • We commonly handle projects ranging in size from $100 to $1M+
  • Our insurance coverage allows us to work for some of the largest and most stringent corporate customers.
  • We are an AISC certified fabricator with extensive quality control, in house certified welding inspector (CWI), and NACE certified coatings inspectors.
  • We are committed to a safety conscious culture. We have a formal safety program, and host a very reputable safety record.

Midwest- Central Location- National reach

Our businesses are all located in Poseyville, IN and Rockport, IN. Both with great centralized access to Louisville & Lexington (east), St. Louis (west), Indianapolis (north), and Nashville (south).

With our close proximity to the steel mills, suppliers, and the lower cost of living (labor) in the midwest, we are commonly competitive on projects that are shipped as far as the west coast.

Corporate Strategy

At Nix Companies it is our intent to remain a closely held, family business. We feel this is the best way to ensure long term health, stability and the ultimate achievement of our Vision: “To create one of the best employment opportunities in the world within our industry”.

Our Mission is to “Be Big, Act Small”.  The three pillars supporting this are: exceeding our customer’s expectations, being growth oriented, and living our core values. ‘Be Big, Act Small’ drives everything we do. From our customer service and responsiveness, to our innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. In all of this, our #1 priority is our people. We believe that by having the best team members in the industry, and providing them with a culture and environment to thrive and be successful, they will take great care of our customers. Everything we do, every day, is a means toward that end….. Our Vision.  

We look to continue our growth through a threefold strategy: organic, strategic acquisitions, and new product/service developments. By focusing on each of these three areas, we are optimized to leverage our strengths, and continue our growth in a responsible and sustainable fashion for generations to come.  

To learn more, read about our company's mission