About Us

Nix Companies is a group of small businesses combined to form a synergistic portfolio company, specialized in industrial product sales, manufacturing, and maintenance contracting. We are a fifth generation, family business, made up of three primary operating entities; Nix Metals Nix Coatings, and Nix Equipment. Our newest operating division, Superior Fabrication, came through Nix Metals’ 2018 acquisition of Superior Fabrication Inc., adding structural fabrication to our product & service portfolio.

Our core product & service offerings surround:

  • Metal Fabrication
  • Safety & Material Handling Products
  • Powder Coating
  • Industrial Painting
  • Heavy Equipment Repairs
  • Refurbishing
Industries Served

Our businesses service a wide range of industries with some of the more notable being: Agriculture, Automotive, Construction, Defense, Engineering, Plastics, Mining, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, and Transportation.

Central Location

Our businesses are all located in Poseyville, IN which is conveniently situated along Interstate 64 less than 20 miles outside of Evansville, IN with great centralized access to Louisville (east), St. Louis (west), Indianapolis (north), and Nashville (south).

Corporate Strategy

At Nix Companies it is our intent to remain a closely held, family business. We look to continue or growth through a threefold strategy: organically, strategic acquisitions, and new product/service developments. By focusing on each of these three areas, we are optimized to leverage our strengths, and continue our growth in a responsible and sustainable fashion for generations to come.

In addition to being a growth oriented company, more important to us, is maintaining and building on our culture of being an excellent employer and philanthropic supporter in our community.

To learn more, read about our company's mission