Tri-County Equipment Poseyville, IN

Acquired January 2015


Superior Fabrication
Rockport, IN

Acquired January 2018


Heritage Custom Fabricators
Princeton, IN

Acquired July 2019

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Northend Gear & Machine
Cincinnati, OH

Acquired October 2021


Indiana Body Works
Evansville, IN

Acquired January 2022

How We Do It (Our Approach)

We take a people and values based approach to business. The level to which we strive to integrate our values and culture within very traditional blue collar businesses is a differentiator. We truly believe people are our biggest asset and that business can and should be a force for good. We strive to add value to all who we come in contact with. We believe our values and strategies will deliver consistent, long term success. 

As a fifth generation family business, we take a longer term, patient approach. Our goal is to start up or acquire, grow, and hold. We differ from typical private equity in that we are not looking for short term investments to “flip”. We differ from other family offices in that we are more hands-on with our businesses and offer a full suite of shared services and back office support. This is a strong value add since we tend to invest in smaller businesses that may not be able to justify these services without the collective scale we offer. Since we tend to invest in related businesses that we have deep knowledge of, it allows us to provide stronger direction guidance and support to our management partners. Each scenario is unique. However, the following is a list of resources we can provide to start ups, partial interest investments, or full acquisitions.

  • Strategic Planning & Executive leadership
  • Corporate Structure/ Board governance
  • Financial Capital
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Data & IT
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) 
  • Quality Management/ Continuous Improvement (Ops Excellence)

Our Vision

To build an industry leading portfolio of self-sustaining businesses through acquisitions and start-ups.

Our Mission

Full Integrated Acquisitions

We take a two pronged approach to our acquisition strategy. Those that are fully integrated businesses, and those that remain autonomous holdings. In either scenario, we often look for opportunities that are operationally sound and sales distressed, allowing us to leverage two of our greatest strengths; business development and human resources. This approach has proven effective and gives us a strong opportunity for growth and upside.

Holdings Acquisitions

This involves acquiring businesses which might not be suited as “bolt ons” to our core business, either by way of geography or the nature of the business. We still look to acquire businesses that are closely related to our existing operations and ideally they are immediately adjacent to our vertical to them. We specifically look for niche businesses that are complementary to ours in one of the following ways. 

Either a), they provide us with customer/industry economic diversification, or b), they serve a similar industry to one or more of our existing businesses, providing sales and growth synergies each direction (not necessarily overhead/ cost cutting synergies). Within these businesses, we are open to outside partnerships and partial interest ownership.

Acquisition Inquiry?

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