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behind the scenes at Nix

Who We Are

Nix Companies Inc. is a family holding company focused on service oriented businesses, real-estate, and other supporting services. 

Our current holdings consist of custom manufacturing, industrial maintenance, structural fabrication, commercial vehicle repair and body shop, commercial and industrial real-estate, marketing, and other complimentary consulting services. Among our holdings, we are still operating our 5th generation legacy business, Nix Industrial, founded by Charles Nix in 1902 as a blacksmith shop. 

What We Do

Our holding company:

  • As a parent company, our primary purpose is to provide strategic guidence, shared services, growth resources, corporate support, and governance that is not otherwise feasible for our small businesses. We help our companies grow and increase value to all stakeholders. 
  • We invest in acquisition opportunities that are ‘bolt-on’ to one of our existing businesses, as well as stand alone platform acquisitions or start-ups. We focus on businesses that are within our verticals or directly adjacent to our primary business. Our history is in the metal services industry, but our core competency extends to most of the trades-oriented job shop service industries, as well as some supporting services to those industries.
  • We offer franchising opportunities under our legacy business, Nix Industrial. For fabrication, machine shop, field service business owners, or those who aspire to own their own business; we offer the power of our brand, sales, marketing, back office support & systems, shared services, purchasing power, strategic planning, advisory, and many other resources not possible for small shop owners. As Nix Industrial franchise owner, you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. 

          View our franchise opportunities at nixfranchising.com

Our respective businesses:

  • Keep industrial sites running safe, efficient, and reliable 
  • Build critical infrastructure (hospitals, higher ed, utilities, factories, etc…)
  • Keep commercial fleets on the road and equipment in the field 
  • Provide commercial/industrial facility leasing along with value added services
  • Provide marketing and other consulting services to industrial clients within our vertical

How We Do It

We take a people and values based approach to business. We truly believe people are our biggest asset and that business can and should be a force for good. The way we integrate our values and culture within traditional blue collar businesses is our differentiator. We summarize this philosophy as Be Big, Act Small™. We strive to add value to all who we come in contact with, and we believe our values and strategies will deliver consistent long term success. 

As a fifth generation family business, we take a long term, patient approach. Our goal is to start up or acquire, grow and hold. We differ from family offices in that we are more hands-on with our businesses and offer a full suite of shared services and back office support. This is a strong value add since we tend to invest in smaller businesses that may not be able to justify these services without the collective scale we offer. Since we tend to invest in related businesses that we have a deep knowledge of, it allows us to provide stronger guidance and support to our management partners. Each scenario is unique. However, the following is a list of resources we can provide to start ups, partial interstate investments, or full acquisitions.

    • Strategic Planning & Executive leadership
    • Corporate Structure/ Board governance
    • Financial Capital
    • Human Resources
    • Accounting & Finance
    • Data & IT
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) 
    • Quality Management/ Continuous Improvement (Ops Excellence)

Our Vision

A world class team. A nationally recognized brand. Transcending generations. 

Our Mission

Be Big, Act Small™. To leverage our business as a force for good and create value for all stakeholders*.

* Team Members, Customers, Shareholders, Sellers of Acquired Companies, and the Communities we operate within

Guiding Principals

Our Foundation

  • Business is Honorable
  • The Work We Do Matters
  • Our Vision is Attainable – Everything Must Be In Alignment Towards It
  • Our Strategy & Culture of Be Big, Act Small Is Our Most Authentic Advantage
  • Talented Craftsmen Are The Heart Of Our Business
  • Leadership Matters
  • If We Aren’t Growing, We Are Dying
  • Value Creation is Essential & We Are Accountable For Our Results
  • Edge
  • Humble Team Players
  • Doing What We Say, & Doing It Professionally
  • Caring for Others
  • Fun & Fulfilling Work

Our beliefs & values manifest themselves in these foundational practices and deliverables.

  • Treat Team Members The Way We Want Our Family To Be Treated
  • Treat Our Customers Like Friends & Always Add Value
  • Treat Our Vendors As Part Of The Team
  • Positive Contributions To Our Communities
  • Disciplined Management Of Resources
  • Planned & Measured Growth
  • Long Term Thinking
  • Operations Excellence (Continuous Improvement)
  • Personal Growth & Development
  • Transparency & Open Book Finances
  • Closed Loop Management
  • Structured Ownership & Governance
  • Decentralized Structure – (Be Big, Act Small)
  • A Great Place To Work
  • Value Creation To Our Customer
  • Financial Results To All Stakeholders

Meet Our Shared Services Team

Angela Kirlin

Director of
Human Resources

Miranda Daugherty

Marketing & Digital Sales Manager

Patrick Bender

IT & Data

Tony Shell

Facilities & Maintenance Manager


Tim Sholtis

Chris Brack

Sean Georges

Bill Theby

John Burant

Jim Stratman

Interested in Working with Nix?

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Matthew Nix


Matthew Nix started working as the 5th generation in his family’s mom & pop welding business at the age of 8, sweeping the floor and cleaning machinery for $5.00 a Saturday. Later, he began working in the shop as a summer intern learning the ropes. In addition to learning the trade, he credits much of the values he learned working alongside his father and grandfather. Matthew began working full time for the company in 2004 after receiving a 1 year certification in Welding Technology from Vincennes University. Matthew is an advocate of lifelong learning. In 2017, while still working in the business, he completed his certificate in Executive Business administration from the University of Notre Dame. Today, Matthew currently serves as the President and CEO of Nix Companies Inc., a holding company he founded in 2017. Among its holdings, remains their family’s 120+ year legacy business. Under the 5th generation’s leadership, the business has grown from 4 family members to a regional company with over 150 team members and has achieved 100X revenue growth in less than 20 years. Matthew is passionate about building a company known for excellence in its people & culture, and he believes business can and should be a force for good. Nix Companies was named to the Inc 5000 fastest growing companies in America for 7 consecutive years, Indiana Companies to Watch, and one of the Best Places to Work in Indiana in 2018, 2019, and 2022. Matthew is passionate about adding value to other business owners (especially family business) and his community. He is (or has been) involved in multiple groups and activities to support this mission; some notable ones are the Southwest Indiana Chamber of Commerce- Family Business Alliance - Tri-State Manufacturers Alliance- Posey County Economic Develop - Posey County Redevelopment Commission- Forum 4 Growth, Business owner network- Junior Achievement - and Legatus, Catholic CEO network- Evansville chapter charter member.

Brian Merkley

Vice President of Operations

Brian Merkley joined our organization in 2013 as the first General Manager of one of our business units, Nix Coatings. Brian has a degree from Indiana State University in Construction Management, and prior work experience in operations management. His excellent “boots on the ground” leadership style and problem solving skills have earned him high regard with his team members and a track record for results. Today, Brian leads the entire Coatings Group (Field Coatings and Shop Coatings) as the Vice President of Operations as well as leads our Maintenance Program for the entire company. From leading his team, to scheduling, to maintenance, Brian keeps our facilities running, our customers happy, and our reputation soundly growing.

Adam Nix

Vice President of Operations

Growing up, Adam was immersed in the business, spending his high school years and university summers at Nix Industrial while pursuing his studies in Marketing at the University of Southern Indiana. After graduating in May 2011, Adam began working in the welding shop full-time as a Welding Repair Technician under his dad and brother. After years of being on the shop floor, Adam transitioned into the Service Manager and ultimately the Operations Manager of our Repairs & Maintenance business. It was there he also championed our Employee Health and Safety Program, prioritizing the well-being of our team members. In 2021, Adam assumed the role of Vice President of Operations for all our Metal Fabrication operations in Poseyville which include our Custom Fabrication, Engineering, Repairs & Maintenance, and Millwright & Maintenance teams. In 2023, our Machining unit in Poseyville began reporting through him as well. His journey with Nix Industrial has been one of continuous evolution. In 2024, Adam received his Master's in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Southern Indiana, further enriching his expertise and leadership acumen. He is a member of the Nix Companies Board of Directors. With his blend of hands-on experience and educational background, Adam remains a vital asset as Nix Industrial continues to grow.

Adam Schmitt

Vice President of Business Development & Administration

Adam Schmitt joined the organization in 2013 as the first sales person in the company history. Adam graduated from the University of Southern Indiana with degrees in both Human Resources and Business Management. Adam has been instrumental in the company’s growth and evolution. Adam’s ability to see outside the box, his knack for product development, and his customer relationship skills are of great value. Today, he leads our company’s business development efforts and administrative teams which include, Human Resources, Sales, Marketing, IT, and Product Development. Under Adam’s direction, we continue to see our business expand on its current offerings as well as forge into new markets.


Director of Public Relations & Training

Lindsey Nix, Director of Public Relations & Training for Nix Companies, has held multiple roles within the company. She has been instrumental in helping navigate us through our high growth years. She spent 6 years as Director of Finance, managing the accounting and finance department of Nix's business divisions. With the addition of our CFO in 2017, she was able to transition to her current role. Lindsey enjoys introducing Nix to new customers and markets and maintaining key relationships with our current customer base.
Lindsey also represents the company and the Nix family in various community organizations, and activities, and oversees charitable giving. In addition to many other community and volunteer activities, she is the Chair of the Family Business Alliance within EREP, serves as the Marketing Chair, and is a member of the Executive Committee for Junior Achievement of Southwest Indiana. Additionally, she serves on the board for Catholic Charities, plays a role on the National Marketing Committee for the Legatus Organization, and holds the role of Marketing Chair, and serves on the Romain College of Business Board of Advisors.

Brandon Wright

Vice President of Operations

Brandon joined our company in 2015 as the General Manager of one of our business units, Nix Equipment (currently the Repair & Maintenance Division). Brandon was instrumental in development of processes and procedures, integration, and provided the necessary leadership to help Nix grow. Now, Brandon leads as the Vice President of Operations for all Nix satellite locations including our Structural Fabrication Division in Rockport, IN, Gear & Machine Division in Princeton, IN and Northend Gear & Machine Division in Fairfield, OH. Within his operations role he is able to leverage his Degree in Industrial Technology & Industrial Distribution from Purdue University, along with over a decade of experience in a similar business, to develop and lead our growing company’s needs.

Jared Baehl

Chief Financial Officer

Jared Baehl joined the Nix Companies team in August of 2017 to lead the Accounting Department. Jared graduated from the University of Evansville with degrees in both Accounting and Business Management. Jared now leads all financial operations as the Chief Financial Officer for all Nix Integrated Businesses as well as all Nix Holdings Companies and is a member of the Nix Companies Board of Directors. His experience in public accounting will help with future growth and expansion through continued success and acquisitions.

tracy ripple

Financial Consultant & Member of Nix Companies Board of Directors

After graduating college in 1983, Tracy worked at a local tool and die shop as office manager. In 1992, Tracy started working for a small start-up plastics company in Poseyville called All-Tech Plastics as Office Manager. The company was sold in 2000 to Lucent Polymers in Evansville, IN and Tracy was promoted to Corporate Controller. In 2005, Lucent Polymers was sold to a private equity firm out of Chattanooga, TN, so Tracy continued with the new company and in 2006 was promoted to Chief Financial Officer. Lucent Polymers was sold again in 2013 to Citadel Plastics Holdings out of Chicago, IL and Tracy was moved to Director of Finance for all subsidiaries in the US and Canada. Then, 2015 came and Citadel Plastics Holdings sold to A. Shulman, a publicly traded company based out of Germany. Tracy continued as Director of Finance until retiring in 2016. Since retiring, Tracy has continued to help with Accounting, Finance and Operations Consulting work for various local companies.

Greg Eling

Regional Vice President, Cintas

Greg Eling is a lifelong resident of Cincinnati and attended the University of Cincinnati receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Xavier University. He started his career with Cintas Corporation in 1976 in Accounting. He has had the unique experience to see the organization grow from $7M in annual revenues in 1976 with less than 200 employees to a Fortune 500 Company with over 40,000 employees and $7.5B in annual revenues. He has held various positions throughout his career in the Accounting / Finance / Treasury function moving to Corporate Controller. In the mid 1980’s, he was promoted to Director of Business Development. Greg acquired over 100 industrial laundry businesses across America as the industry was consolidating through the mid 1980’s into the 1990’s. Greg was promoted to Regional Vice President in 1996 and then became a Group Vice President in 1999 where he oversees a $400M annual revenue organization. With his extensive exposure to the evolution of Cintas, he has served on various corporate wide committees including Corporate Policy Committee, Audit Committee, Cintas PAC Oversight Committee and the Partner Profit Sharing Investment Committee. Outside of Cintas, he has significant interaction with the University of Cincinnati Lindner School of Business on an advisory board to the Dean and is involved in Project Strategy designed to engage freshman with the business community.

Kyle fields

Managing Partner and CFO of Bridge Alternatives

Prior to founding Bridge Alternative Investment Solutions, Kyle was an executive at SS&C Technologies, where he orchestrated and grew the Evansville, Indiana office from one employee in March of 2011 to over 240 employees. Further, he assisted in various growth initiatives and acquisitions while at SS&C where the company went from 1,300 employees to over 24,000 employees in 2021. Kyle was accountable for hundreds of alternative funds ranging in size, structure, strategy, and geographical locations across the globe. Kyle has over 15 years of extensive experience in accounting, finance, technology, helping clients streamline processes, maximize performance, and increase profitability. Kyle is a graduate of University of Southern Indiana and obtained his Certified Public Accounting designation in Indiana while working for Pricewaterhouse Coopers.

Jim Gribbins

President & CEO, Gribbins Insulation

Jim Gribbins is the Founder and current President & CEO of Gribbins Specialty Group, a holding company for Gribbins Insulation, Fit Tight Covers, Pro-Therm Supply, and Elite Environmental. Since its founding in Evansville, the company has expanded with five regional offices/ warehouses and over 250 employees. Jim is the Owner of Premier Development Properties, a real estate holding company. He obtained a business degree from the University of Evansville and is also currently serving as Chairman for National Heat and Frost Insulator’s Pension Fund and a board member of National Heat and Frost Insulator’s Medical Fund, National Union Insulation Contractors Alliance, and Complete Structure Insurance. Aside from this, Jim has contributed his time as a board member for multiple organizations including Evansville Contractors Association, Associated General Contractors of Indiana, Central States Insulation Association, Good Shepherd Catholic School Board, and International Foundation of Employee Benefits.


matt weinzapfel

President & COO, Jasper Engines & Transmissions

Matt currently serves as President and Chief Operating Officer of Jasper Engines and Transmissions and is a member of the Board of Directors of Jasper Holdings, Inc. Matt began his career with JASPER in 1994 and served in a variety of roles within the company’s manufacturing, distribution, and process improvement groups, before joining the company’s Executive Team, as Vice President of Engine Manufacturing, in 2011. He was named Chief Operating Officer in 2021 and assumed the role of President in 2023. Matt is a graduate of the University of Evansville, holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. He serves on the Board of Directors of Regional Opportunity Initiatives, the Vincennes University Jasper Community Advisory Committee, and the Board of Directors of HUB 19. Matt has previously served on the Tri State Manufacturer’s Alliance steering committee, the Board of Directors of Dubois Strong, and was President of the Production Engine Remanufacturer’s Association.