You’ve landed on the NCI website. If you are looking for NIX, please visit

You’ve landed on the NCI website. If you are looking for NIX, please visit

You’ve landed on the NCI website. If you are looking for NIX, please visit

About Us

behind the scenes at NCI

Who We Are

Nix Companies Inc. “NCI” is a closely held, parent company of both partial interest investments and wholly owned subsidiaries.  Our company comprises two primary categories; those businesses which are fully integrated into our NIX brand and operational structure, and those which remain autonomous as independent ‘Holdings’.

What We Do

As a parent company, NCI’s primary purpose is to provide strategic guidance, support staff & growth resources, as well as corporate structure & governance, not otherwise possible for small to medium sized businesses. We do this through our shared staffing resources, executive leadership, board of advisors, and financial resources.

How We Do It

As a principally owned 5th generation family business, along with senior management partners, we take a long term strategy. Our goal is to startup or acquire, grow, and hold. We are unlike typical private equity groups that look to fuel short term growth and sell. We are also different from some family offices who might share our long term views, but often have a more diverse set of independent holdings. Our strategy is to maintain economic diversity while staying within our core competencies. This allows us to better leverage our operational synergies, shared resources, and economies of scale. Additionally, maintaining a deep understanding of the industries we serve, it allows us to provide stronger directional guidance and support to our entities. Each scenario is unique. However, the following is a list of resources we can provide to start ups, partial interest investments, or full acquisitions.

  • Strategic Planning & Executive Leadership
  • Corporate Structure/ Board Governance
  • Financial Capital
  • Human Resource
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Data & IT
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Health, Safety, & Environmental
  • Quality Management/ Continuous Improvement

Our Vision

To be a market leader in the consolidation of businesses adjacent or vertical to the metal fabrication and specialty contracting industries.

Our Mission

To create superior value to team members, customers, shareholders, sellers, and communities by leveraging our economies of scale, our corporate culture, and our core values


Tracy Ripple

Financial Consultant & Member of Nix Companies Board of Directors

Greg Eling

Regional Vice President, Cintas

Bill Theby

CEO, Lensing Building Specialties

Kyle Fields

Managing Partner & CFO of Bridge Alternatives

Jim Stratman

Founder and CEO, Enviroplas, Inc.

Jim Gribbins

President & CEO, Gribbins Insulation


Tim Sholtis

Chris Brack

Sean Georges

John Burant

Interested in Working with NCI?

We're always looking for top talent.

Matthew Nix


Matthew started working at the family business at the age of 8, sweeping the floor and cleaning machinery for $5.00 a Saturday. Later, he began working in the shop as a summer intern learning the ropes. In addition to learning the technical trade aspects of the job, he credits much of his customer service and business development skills to the lessons he learned working with his father and grandfather. Matthew began working full time for the company in 2004. Since that time, the once mom and pop business has grown 70 times over, to 100 team members with a national reach. Nix Companies has been named to the Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in American for 5 consecutive years, Posey County Business of the Year, Indiana Companies to Watch, and one of the Best Places to Work in Indiana in 2018 and 2019. Matthew thrives on great challenges, and his autonomous management style embraces the strengths of his team to compliment his visionary leadership. Matthew is passionate about building a company known for excellence in its people and culture. He is also passionate about working with other small business owners to help each other succeed (specifically family businesses) and adding value to the community. He is (or has been) involved in multiple groups and activities to support this mission; some notable ones are Southwest Indiana Chamber of Commerce – Board of Directors, Family Business Alliance – Executive Committee, Tri-State Manufacturers Alliance – Executive Committee, Posey County Economic Develop – Board of Directors, Posey County Redevelopment Commission- Board of Directors, Forum 4 Growth, Business Owner Network – Charter Member, Junior Achievement – Classroom Volunteer, and Legatus, Catholic CEO Network- Louisville Chapter Charter Member.

Adam Nix

Vice President of Operations

Adam has also grown up working in the business through high school and as a summer intern while attending University of Southern Indiana. Adam is known for his warm personality and exceptional customer service. In addition to leading our Repairs & Maintenance Division as the Vice President of Operations, Adam also leads our Employee Health and Safety Program and is a member of the Nix Companies Board of Directors. His unique experience and intelligence coupled with his great personality and demeanor make him an excellent asset as our company continues to grow.


Strategic Account Manager & Director of Public Relations

Lindsey Nix, Strategic Account Manager and Director of Public Relations for Nix Companies, has held multiple roles within the company. She has been instrumental in helping navigate us through our high growth years. She spent 6 years as Director of Finance, managing the accounting and finance department of Nix's business divisions. With the addition of our CFO in 2017, she was able to transition to her current role. Lindsey enjoys introducing Nix to new customers and markets and maintaining key relationships with our current customer base.
Lindsey also represents the company and the Nix family in various community organizations, activities, and oversees charitable giving. In addition to many other community and volunteer activities, she serves on the Southwest Indiana Chamber's Posey County Alliance committee as well as chairs the Family Business Alliance. She has a passion for family business and the Southwest Indiana business community. Lindsey and Matthew are also founding members of the Evansville chapter of Legatus, a Catholic business executive group. Lindsey also serves as a member of the Nix Companies Board of Directors, as the Board Secretary.

Jared Baehl

Chief Financial Officer

Jared Baehl joined the Nix Companies team in August of 2017 to lead the Accounting Department. Jared graduated from the University of Evansville with degrees in both Accounting and Business Management. Jared now leads all financial operations as the Chief Financial Officer for all Nix Integrated Businesses as well as all Nix Holdings Companies and is a member of the Nix Companies Board of Directors. His experience in public accounting will help with future growth and expansion through continued success and acquisitions.

Brian Merkley

Vice President of Operations

Brian Merkley joined our organization in 2013 as the first General Manager of one of our business units, Nix Coatings. Brian has a degree from Indiana State University in Construction Management, and prior work experience in operations management. His excellent “boots on the ground” leadership style and problem solving skills have earned him high regard with his team members and a track record for results. Today, Brian leads the entire Coatings Group (Field Coatings and Shop Coatings) as the Vice President of Operations as well as leads our Maintenance Program for the entire company. From leading his team, to scheduling, to maintenance, Brian keeps our facilities running, our customers happy, and our reputation soundly growing.

Adam Schmitt

Vice President of Business Development & Administration

Adam Schmitt joined the organization in 2013 as the first sales person in the company history. Adam graduated from the University of Southern Indiana with degrees in both Human Resources and Business Management. Adam has been instrumental in the company’s growth and evolution. Adam’s ability to see outside the box, his knack for product development, and his customer relationship skills are of great value. Today, he leads our company’s business development efforts and administrative teams which include, Human Resources, Sales, Marketing, IT, and Product Development. Under Adam’s direction, we continue to see our business expand on its current offerings as well as forge into new markets.

Brandon Wright

Vice President of Operations

Brandon joined our company in 2015 as the General Manager of one of our business units, Nix Equipment (currently the Repair & Maintenance Division). Brandon was instrumental in development of processes and procedures, integration, and provided the necessary leadership to help Nix grow. Today, Brandon leads all Metal Fabrication Services as the Vice President of Operations as well as leads our Quality and Continuous Improvement Programs for the entire company. Within his operations role he is able to leverage his Degree in Industrial Technology & Industrial Distribution from Purdue University, along with over a decade of experience in a similar business, to develop and lead our growing company’s needs in areas such as quality, compliance, and continuous improvements.