Midwest Trailer & Container Sales

Representatives from Nix Companies Inc., a Poseyville, IN based company would like to announce the launch of its new divisional identity, redesigned logo, and website.

Nix Companies, a diversified metals solutions provider, announced today the launch of its new divisional identify, redesigned logo, and website for Midwest Trailer & Container Sales, formerly known as Nix Equipment. These changes come at a time when the company is evolving its service offerings and expanding its regional reach.

Nix Equipment, located at 160 West Main Street, Poseyville, IN 47633, provides metal repair, fabrication, and machining services as well as trailer sales to the local market. This new brand identity splits these into two separate brand identities: Nix Repairs & Machining Division and Midwest Trailer & Container Sales. These new brand identities better reflect our market position and help customers better identify with the products and services that are being provided. The Nix Repairs & Machining Division will continue to focus on their core service offerings. The Midwest Trailer & Container Sales Division will be expanding its offerings to now include shipping container sales, rentals, and modifications.

The newly-created Midwest Trailer & Container Sales website (www.midwesttcs.com) features easy-to-navigate and mobile friendly pages with expanded options. These options include enhanced inventory pages, web-based financing forms, rental pages, a service appointment scheduler, as well as a catalog of each trailer manufacturer’s offerings.


About Nix Companies, Inc.:

Nix is a diversified metals solutions provider of industrial products, manufacturing, and maintenance contracting. We combine the benefits of working with a trusted, responsive, and smaller firm, while providing a one-stop shop with big business capabilities. We are a Midwestern based company with a national reach. Founded in 1902, we are a fifth-generation, family business with multiple locations and operating divisions. We believe our competitive advantage is the caliber of our people, WE CARE, and our philosophy of “Be Big, Act Small”. We stand on our foundation of honesty and integrity, while Forging Ahead to find better solutions that help keep Americas’ industries running safe and efficient.