Nix Companies Launches ProFab Alliance

Poseyville, IN (July 21, 2023):

Nix Companies is proud to announce the launch of ProFab Alliance, a visionary initiative designed to support the metal services industry. 

With decades of experience in metal fabrication, Nix Companies is leveraging its expertise to help the metal services industry continue to grow and succeed. 

ProFab Alliance aims to offer a pathway for those individuals who are looking to take the next step in their careers or business journey by becoming franchise owners. The program is crafted to ensure a seamless transition and optimal support for franchisees.

In addition to providing franchise opportunities, ProFab Alliance extends its services to business owners in the metal services industry who are contemplating retirement and are seeking a suitable successor for their enterprises. The program facilitates the acquisition of shops from business owners looking to retire, ensuring a legacy continuation for the businesses they have built.

Moreover, ProFab Alliance goes beyond traditional consulting models by offering a range of services exclusively to the metal services industry to enhance and grow shops. Through strategic planning, advanced management systems, and participation in advisory peer groups, ProFab Alliance supports shops in optimizing their operations, improving efficiency, and staying ahead of industry trends. Visit at